Chanel Ditches its Black Authentication Card



Chanel Authentication Card

Chanel Gives up its Classic Authentication Card



Chanel microchip

Chanel’s New Microchip



Out with the hologram and Authentication card. Chanel waves goodbye to its black card and no sign of the inside serial number  hologram.

Here comes the microchip.

The black creditcard sized authentication card and corresponding numbers on the hologram has been a way of identifying and dating your Chanel bag. The black card was introduced already in 1984. But now it is history.

As of 2021 Chanel has decided to go for a blockchain technology i.e installing a microchip in the bag. Not only to identify that the bag is authentic and not a fake,  the chip will store the whole history of the bag. From creation to distribution to all transactions.

You, the  owner will be able to access every aspect of your Chanel bag’s life.

The chip is a small piece of metal about 3 cm wide and is attached to the inside of the bag. On top is the Chanel logo and an eight-digit serial number, starting with a letter followed by a mix of letters and numbers.

A great step to battle the counterfeit industry. This microchip is not copy-pasted easily.




Under 2021 slutar Chanel med sitt svarta authentication kort och hologram. Under 2021 är det ett microchip på insidan av väskan som både identifierar väskans äkthet och har hela väskans historia

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