Guccio Gucci, 

founded the company that bears his surname in Tuscany, Italy, in 1921.  Gucci is famous for their beautiful leather bags and state of the art clothing
As an immigrant hotel worker in Paris and later London, young Guccio Gucci was impressed with the luxurious luggage he saw urbane guests bring with them at the Savoy Hotel.
When returning to his birthplace Florence he opened a shop focused on equestrian style products, such as horse saddles and accessories. His strict attention to Italian saddle detail inspired the idea for the branded red and green woven stripe.

The GG canvas was born after the 2nd WW when supply of materials were scares and Guccio Gucci began exploring alternative materials. Today this canvas is named GG Supreme.

In 1947, the first Gucci bamboo-handle bag was debuted. It was an instant success, with women from Ingrid Bergman, Elizabeth Taylor and, later, Princess Diana favouring this distinguished style.

The painterly Flora pattern was originally designed by Guccio’s son, Rodolfo Gucci, for Grace Kelly in 1966.
In 2005 the Flora pattern was relaunched.

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