Anya Hindmarch’s New Bag Collection is Biodegradable



Anya Hindmarch biodegradable handbags 1

‘Return to Nature’ is Anya Hindmarch’s Newest Bag Range. Picture courtesy of @Business of Fashion



Not Just a Plastic Bag Anya Hindmarch

The I am Not a Plastic Bag sold over 80.000 bags on launch day in 2007. Picture courtesy of @Anyahindmarch



It took over two years of research and development to develop her biodegradable leather handbags. This October Anya Hindmarch is launching her latest adventure, the  Return to Nature range of biodegradable handbags.

The fashion designer is no stranger to sustainability and the outcome of the project with I am not a Plastic Tote Bag, launched in 2007 wanting to raise awareness of the use of plastic bags, inspired Mrs Hindmarch to further dig into the possibilities of creating biodegradable handbags.

The Return to Nature bags relies on a traceable chain of suppliers, among which you find  Swedish cattle farms, a German tannery and leather goods makers in south of Spain. The leather is treated with special care, no chemicals, and only degradable materials.  There is no hardware on the bags and stitching is done with cotton that also degrades.

Even though the bags are totally biodegradable, Anya Hindmarch prefer that instead of letting the bag degrade in nature, give it to a friend or sell it on the second -hand market making the range a true circular way of living.

In store from late October,  pre-orders are welcome.

Engelska designern Anya Hindmarch lanserar nu i oktober sin senaste kollektion, nu är det  biologiskt nedbrytbara handväskor som gäller. Kollektionen ’Return to Nature’ har inga metaller och all eventuell sömnad är gjord av nedbrytningsbar bomull.

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