Is Your Handbag Full of Germs?

Your handbag is a germ Mecca

Decontaminate your handbag, it is full of germs.

Corona has made us all aware of how germs both spread and are all around us. Our handbags are no exception, they are dirty dirty dirty. Think of how we expose them constantly and put them on surfaces where we have no clue what has been there before.

Not to mention the inside…

Found this article at Purseblog (click the link for full article.)

Below we have listed a few things to consider for a sane and germ-free handbag. Remember – now is the time to declutter. Sanitize your handbags, why not pull out the lining and vacuum it.

  • Don’t store food, Avoid carrying food in your handbag. Even if its wrapped, it is very easy for it to come in contact with bacteria already existing in your purse.
  • Don’t carry shoes in your bag. If you have to, put them in a washable dustbag.
  • Leave lotion bottles and hand cream containers at home, they have been discovered as the most germ covered items in our bags
  • Separate items that have high contact like your phone, wallet, cards, and keys from your other items, especially cosmetics and medications.
  • Don’t keep and store used tissues and other trash in your bag.

Good Luck!


I dessa Corona-tider har vi blivit alltmer påminda om bakteriers spridning. Våra handväskor är rena himlen för bakterier att sprida och smitta oss, så läs några av ovan råd för att få en bakteriefri handväska. Håller oss både friska och väskan snyggare.

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