Louis Vuitton Produces Non-Surgical Facemasks.



Louis Vuitton produced Covid - 19 masks

Louis vuitton will produce masks to combat the Corona pandemi.

This week the French conglomerate Louis Vuitton, announced it has begun producing protective, non-surgical masks that will be provided to protect frontline healthcare workers from the Covid-19 virus.

Louis Vuitton are using five of their workshops to help provide aid during the current global pandemic. The workshops are located in various locations in France,

According to a press release from the brand, this initiative will utilize 300 of the brand’s artisans to help create the masks, which have been approved by the French government.

Thank you to all initiatives helping to combat the Covid-19 virus. At the same time helping to keep retail in business in these difficult times.


Louis Vuitton bidrag  till att besegra Covid-19 är genom att tillverka skyddsmasker i fem av sina fabriker i Frankrike.



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