Rebag founder introduces the Clair.

You too Can Play the Handbag Stock Market, NY Times article

Play the handbag stockmarket, NY times article

You too Can Play the handbag Stockmarket, rebar founder introducing the Clair. Image from New York Times

Charles Gorra, founder of luxury handbag resale site, Rebag, is introducing the Clair, i.e the Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Andex for Resale.

Luxury handbags have great resale value and it seems Hermès is no longer the only high-end brand than can be seen as a great investment. Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Fendi, classic designerbrands where the classic models lately have shown great resale value.

This indicates you can stop thinking about your purse closet as only part of your wardrobe but also as part of an investment portfolio.

Read the full article in New York Times

You too can play the handbag stockmarket

Rebag grundare Charles Gorra introducerar Clair, the Comprehensive Luxury Appraisal Index for Resale.



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