Fendi’s Peekaboo now dubbed an Icon

The Fendi Peekaboo bags

The new Fendi Peekaboos; X-Lite Large vs. X-Lite Medium vs. Iconic Essentially (Image from Purseblog.com)

They say there is a Fendi Peekaboo for everyone. Maybe that is true as the Peekaboo recently celebrated 10 years and is now dubbed an icon.

The Peekaboo is a versatile bag that functions both for work and as an everyday casual bag. Elegant and suitable to many lifestyles. Today Fendi’s Peekaboo bags exists in over 1000 combinations, differing in material, linings, colours, styles and hardware.

The classic bag , now dubbed the Peekaboo Iconic was the first bag introduced in 2008. Fendi has since extended the family with The Peekaboo X-Lite being a lighter version with less hardware and the Peekaboo Iconic Essentially a more minimal version.

Which one is your favourite?

I personally love my Iconic Medium in dove-grey Roman leather.



Fendi’s klassiska Peekaboo har fyllt 10 år och kallas nu Peekaboo Iconic (Classic). Peekaboo familjen har utökats med ytterligare modeller, X-Lite and Iconic Essentially och totalt finns nu 1000 versioner av Fendi’s Peekaboo väska.



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