One Option- What colour bag to buy?

What colour bag to buy

Red bags sell for Christmas

If you only have one option what colour handbag should you buy?

Well obviously a black handbag goes with almost everything. Last for years and never goes out of fashion. You basically cannot go wrong with a black handbag. Works day and night, but can be a bit “boring” in the long run.

Even brown is a colour that works well  with most outfits, however brown evening bags are not as common. Lately dark blue shades have becoming fashionable, especially midnight blue tones. These colours are always sought after on the second-hand market, so can be seen as good investments if you wish to sell your bag in the future. For the true fashionistas a gold toned handbag is a dream, especially when sneaking at Hermès exclusive bags, however maybe not the first bag you buy.

Red signifies love and definitely highlights an outfit, however, can be more delicate depending on the leather. Soft leathers stains more easily. Funny  enough, the demand for red handbags increases at Christmas time.

Yellow, green, pink, purple, coral, well lighter and odder tones overall, are probably not the first option if you only buy one handbag. This season yellow has been in demand, coral may be next year’s hit.

So my advice is, go for black to be on the safe side. But always keep a look out, the odder a colour, the bigger chance to make a bargain.


Om du bara kan köpa en designerväska är svart, brunt och blå säkra färger. Dessa färger fungerar med de flesta outfits och blir aldrig omoderna och efterfrågas ständigt på second-hand marknaden. Ljusare och mer udda färger, kommer och går i säsong och trender. Men, letar du efter att göra klipp är mitt råd att hålla utkik efter ljusa och starka färger under vintersäsongen. 

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