Niklas and Emma share trends for the fall

Niklas Berglind and Emma Danielsson share trends at Still in Fashion

Niklas Berglind & Emma Danielsson  in our showroom

Emma tries out trendy Fendi Micro Peekaboo

Emma tries out trendy Fendy Micro Tiny Peekaboo

The sun shone even stronger when Niklas Berglind & Emma Danielsson passed by our office at lunchtime today.

So glad to see these two style icons after the long summerholidays. Happily they also shared tips and trends for the coming months. 

Here we go;

Bags are mini, micro, tiny.

Colours are vibrant, and BROWN takes the lead from the traditional black.

To my delight – sneakers will NOT go out of fashion.

Niklas Berglind och Emma Danielsson delade med sig av höstens trender när de hälsade på i vårt showroom. Brunt är stort, väskorna micro, färgerna starka och sneakers kommer aldrig att bli omodernt.


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