Celine launches Parisian embodied scents this autumn

Celine scents images from Celine

Images from Celine

Starting late October, Celine’s first fragrances are expected to hit their boutiques.

Since creative designer Hedi Slimane took the reins, some 18 months ago, the famous brand has seen both expansion and new visions.

Mr Slimane, known for his ambition to erase borders between the sexes, has created 11 unisex scents for the for the brand. Each scent embodies the Parisian spirit, yet none make a distinction or separation between traditional feminine or masculine notes.

These notes include iris, tree moss and rose, 8 scents are designed for day, while 3 are geared towards the evening hours.

I slutet av oktober förväntas Celines 11 unisex dofter lanseras i deras butiker.


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