Is Chanel for Sale?

Is Chanel for sale?

Rumors this spring had it that the Wertheimer family (owner of Chanel) would sell the company after the death of brand icon Karl Lagerfeld.  Nothing could be more wrong.

Sales are soaring and by the end of 2018 Chanel employed over 25.000 people globally, i.e almost doubling its head count over the last decade.  2018 also saw global sales generate US$11,1 billion, an increase on both the European and US market, however biggest growth was on the Asian market where there still is an enormous demand for luxury goods.

Chanel är inte till salu och kommer inte att börsnoteras trots ökad global försäljning under 2018. Familjen Wertheimer, som kontrollerar Chanel, dementerar rykten som uppkommit efter Karl Lagerfelds tragiska bortgång i februari 2019.

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