How to Make my Designer Bag Last Forever.




Designer bags longevity

Clean designs, a logo and the color contributes to a long life for your design bag. Picture courtesy @purseplog

Below five vital facts to bear in mind when investing in a designer bag. If you do, your designer bag will last forever and keep its re-sale value. You surely don’t want your newly bought designer bag get out of fashion the next season.

  • Material

Embossed or grained leather and coated canvas  bags are more durable and will last longer without wear showing as it does on more delicate materials, such as suede and cotton bags.

  • Care & Wear

Put some love into how you store and clean your designer bags. It sure affects the longevity of the bag. Never use newspapers to fill out the bag, the print stains the lining. Use tissue paper, bubble wrap or cotton cloths.

And, if you get a stain on you bag, be it lining or exterior, use a damp cloth to try and remove the stain.

  • Style,

Bags with clean shapes to them tend to end up as classics, as they are not easily detected to a certain period of time.

  • Functionality

Tote bags and larger bags are often considered more practical and seen as more useful with great functionality. Hence, these larger bags can be used and carried more frequently than i.e. a mini pochette that is the opposite of a functional bag.

  • Colour

Not surprisingly, black bags always do well, as do chocolate-y coloured bags. Tan toned or gold toned bags tend to have a longer lifespan than brighter green and pastel colours.

Above facts clearly contributes to a bag’s lifespan and re-sale value. However, there are certain brands that stick out as evergreens. The top five brands for designer bags are Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Hermès and Louis Vuitton. Add a logo and the bag is a classic and timeless peace in your closet.

Another thing to bear in mind if you are thinking re-sale value when you buy a bag. Not all top five brand models are equally attractive. There are a few real classic bags that never go out of style (and demand). Hermès has the Birkin, Kelly  and Evelyne, Chanel its Medium quilted flap bag, Dior its Lady Dior and totes in opaque canvas.  Gucci has its Soho bag, or the flora print silk scarves and Louis Vuitton have their true classic such as Keepall, Speedy, Noé and  Neverfull – preferably in Monogram canvas.

And local variations also occur. A much sought-after designer bag in Europe might not have the same attraction on the US market. And vice versa.

​Material, modell, skötsel, färg och funktionalitet bidrar till att ge din designerväska ett extra långt liv samtidigt som den blir eftertraktad på andra-hands marknaden. Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Hermès och Louis Vuitton är de varumärken som sticker ut lite extra.


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