Will Chanel’s handbags be even more expensive in 2021?




Chanel Fiap bag price increase

How expensive can the Chanel Flap Bag become? Picture courtesy @chanel

Last May Chanel’s loudly discussed price increase (2,5-25% depending on model) took the market by surprise. Not so much the actual rise, it comes every year, but the size of the price increase. A classic Chanel flap bag saw an increase in the region of 25%.

New rumors are now swirling that the iconic Chanel bags are to become even more expensive in March. We don’t know the size of the increase nor which bags will be affected. However for the US Market there has been claims of an increase of US$400  for the classic flap bag  and US$500 for a Boy bag.

How expensive can Chanel’s bags become before we all turn our heads towards the even more expensive, yet ever so stylish and timeless, Hermès bag? Time will tell.



Rykten gör gällande att det blir en ny prisökning på Chanels klassiska handväskor redan  i början av 2021.


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