1997 Hermès Oran Sandal hit the Catwalk



Pierre Hardy Shoe designer

French shoe designer Pierre Hardy is the brain behind the Oran Sandal.



Hermès Oran Denim sandal

Today the classic Oran sandal comes in over 40 designs.



Pierre Hardy, the internationally renowned French shoe designer, conceptualized the Oran sandal in 1997.

Hardy, who at the time already was shoe designer for Hermès, didn’t intend for the Oran sandal to become a classic. He wanted to create a simple, almost invisible flat shoe.  

  • Like a bare foot with something painted on it’ , he said in an interview at the time.

With the cut-out signature H it should be a shoe almost every woman could, and would, wear.

The sandal was part of the ‘Year of Africa Collection’ and inspired by Africa’s mysterious Ndebele tribe.

Today the sandal is a true classic. Chic and perfect as an indoor slipper as well as an elegant sandals for everyday wear and glamourous beach parties.

It comes in 40 different design, bright & bold colours and different fabrics, such as leather, teddy fur, velvet and denim.

Hermès klassiska Oran sandal skapades 1997 av franska skodesignern Pierre Hardy. Idag finns sandalen i över 40 olika variationer och färger.



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