Is There No Limit As To How Expensive A Chanel bag can Become?



Chanel Boy Bag with handle

Chanel Boy Bag with handle is one of the models said to be affected by the price increase.



And here it is. Yet another price increase on some of Chanel’s classic handbags. Actually the FOURTH increase in 12 months.

The American market is apparently the one that gets the first blow, rumors saying already on January 15th. Nothing yet about when the European market will be affected, but we are pretty sure we will not be spared.

Chanel Coco Handle, Chanel Business Affinity, and Chanel Boy Bag with Handle are said to be the bags initially affected by the latest increase.

The Wallet-On-Chain, Mini Flaps, and Chanel 19 bags will be unaffected by this price increase, for now….

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Flera av Chanels klassiska väskmodeller blir dyrare igen. Prishöjning redan i mitten på januari.


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