Gucci’s beloved Marmont Comes in Pastels this Spring.




Gucci Marmont in Pastel this season

Gucci Marmont comes in soft pink this season

Gucci Marmont in Pastel this season

This yellow tone of the Gucci Marmont is definitely my favourite.

Fall/Winter 2016 the first Gucci Marmont bag saw daylight and was instantly a hit. Loved by fashionistas, influencers and us, ordinary bag-aholics, people went crazy to become the owner of this icon bag. Since then, the Marmont has been reshaped, re-imagined and expanded numerous times.

This spring/summer is no difference. Gucci’s it-bag has been given a revamp and is now introduced in soft pastel tones and silver hardware. Just to die for.

Personally, I’d go for a pale yellow one, yellow being my favourite colour.


Guccis älskade Marmont väska kommer i flera pastellfärger nu i vår



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