Chanel is increasing the prices on their bags, AGAIN.




Chanel increase the price of their bags

Price increase to expect on this seasons Chanel Bags.

There have been wild speculations of price increases on Chanels’ bags this spring.

And yes, no rumour with out any sign truth. There will be increases up to 25%  on their classic bags, the Mini Square Flap bag being hit the hardest. However the rest of the classic bags  will see price increases averaging from 14-17%, the smaller ones being in demand with increases mounting to 21%. The Boy bag though is apparently not as popular and will “only” see an increase of 4-5%.

The sought after Chanel Classic Medium flap bag will now be sold for €6.050, compared to previous €5.150, an increase of 17,5%.

No date is apparently set for when the price increase will be in effect, but the European market will be first out to see the new prices.  As the stores in Europe still are closed, and Chanel has no on-line shop, it will be difficult to get hold of a bag at the “lower” price.

For more information about the price increase on your favourite Chanel bag check Purseblog

Chanel s vackra väskor blir ännu dyrare i vår. Prisökningar på upp till 25% förekommer.



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