Second Price Increase this year for Chanel Bags. 



Purseblog Chanel price increase

Chanel are increasing their prices again. Picture and article courtesey of @purseblog



Rumors were correct, Chanel bags becomes even more expensive this week. 1st July the increase is said to be in effect, both in Europe and in the US.

As if the last increase, not even six months ago, wasn’t enough. Prices are now said to be increased by an average of 15%, at least for the most popular models;  the Classic Flap, the Boy and No 19.

With reference to this  article in Purseblog – Another Price increase for Chanel. I cannot but wonder where this will stop. I do love Chanel and have my own little collection  of Chanels  that date from the early 90s,  but the rarity and quality is not in the league of the Hermès bags. But now the prices are.

Time will tell.

However the market for the classic models of pre-loved Chanel bags will increase. so if you have a little Chanel you no longer love and use, there is cash in your closet.




Chanel ökar priset på sina klassiska modeller med ca 15% den första Juli i år.  

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