Tess Hell popped by our showroom 

Therese Hellström visiting our showroom

Tess checking for a vintage catch

Thérèse Hellström found time in her busy schedule to visit our showroom and check out fall’s best vintage catches. In between working at NK Galan on Monday night and hosting a breakfast events at Jimmy Choo, Tess popped by our showroom and found some real treasures. 

Always thinking about sustainability, Tess decided to go home and check out what was just lying unused in her closet.

This time of the year is the perfect time to sell designer accessories that you no longer use. And the money you earn will be excellent for shopping new vintage bargains.     

Thérèse Hellström svängde förbi vårt showroom för att kolla in hösten alla godbitar. Nu ska hon hem och gå igenom garderoben för att sälja väskor hon inte använder, det blir en bra grundplåt åt framtida vintage investeringar.

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