The Wertheimer Brothers that control Chanel.




The Wertheimer Brothers

Alain and Gérard Wertheimer control Chanel

The Fashion House Chanel is privately owned by brothers Alain and Gérard Wertheimer, grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer.

The iconic perfume Chanel No 5 was unveiled 1921. Created by Ernest Beaux, former perfumier to the Russian Tsars, the scent was called No 5 because it was the 5th scent chosen by Mademoiselle Chanel when being presented 10 samples numbered 1-10.

The Chanel No 5 was an instant hit in French Fashion world but only offered to an elite clientele favored by Coco Chanel.

1924 Coco Chanel saw the opportunity to expose her famous perfume to a wider clientele and was introduced to Pierre Wertheimer, a French businessman with connections in America.

Together they co-founded Parfums Chanel where Wertheimer was offered 70% of the shares in the perfume company as he agreed to provide full financing for production, marketing and distribution of Chanel no 5.

Coco Chanel died in January 1971 and soon after the son of Pierre Wertheimer, Jacques, bought the controlling interest of the Chanel House. Now his sons, Alain and Gérard, own the fashion house along with vineyards and racehorses.


Modehuset Chanel är fortfarande privatägt av barnbarnen till Pierre Wertheimer som grundande Perfums Chanel tillsammans med Coco Chanel 1924.


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