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Chanel Woc The future of Handbags

Small iconic handbags are still dominating the market,

Handbags remain the luxury fashion industry’s biggest and most profitable category. With the fashion industry being severely affected by the pandemic so has the handbags.  No vaccine in sight and fresh waves of coronavirus cases in the US and Europe the work from home arrangements, as well as lack of social events leaves consumers with fewer places than ever to actually carry a bag. 

Read an interesting article in Business of Fashion and summing it up very briefly, the ‘handbag industry’ is hurt but still very alive and kicking.

Small bags continue to dominate. This is surely related to our aim of a hands-free lifestyle, and our smartphones. With the phone we need to free our hands, but it also leaves space in our bags as the no need to carry notebooks and other gadgets. It’s all in the phone.

Smaller bags are also less pricy, and for first-time buyers of luxury bags, the smaller ones become more accessible.

Studies shows that in shaky economic times we’re more prone to shop wisely and if spending money we prefer it to rather be spent on iconic brands that won’t go out of style. Another important factor is the uprise of several platforms – like Still in Fashion, Vestiaire Collective and RealReal , that offer trustworthy options to sell, and buy, designer bags.

The larger handbags are facing a tougher future. However, in the US there has been signs of renewed interest for the larger totes and backpacks as the “work-from-home” era appears to be here for some time forward. What can feel better than to throw your laptop and notebook into an elegant tote and head for a nearby café to get creative?

Soo there is hope. Iconic brands will never go out of style and we have both hope and faith in the force of Men’s bags. The demand is growing and both Louis Vuitton and Dior are “on it”.

To read the full article The Future of Handbags, by Business of Fashion



Hur ser framtiden ut för handväskan med en andra våg av corona som sköljer över oss och lämnar alt färre tillfällen att bära en vacker designer väska? Läs artikeln från Business of Fashion.


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