Louis Vuitton Speedy BB is here

Is this Spring 2020’s IT-bag? Image courtesy of PurseBlog

A Nano version of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Speedy bag is getting a lot of attention this spring. The Louis Vuitton Speedy BB is here!

Trendy and iconic, the Speedy BB is a fraction bigger than the already existing Speedy Nano version.  Speedy BB comes in cowhide leather topped up with leather trimmings. Lined with   the classic Monogram fabric and carrying the hanging pocket the inside it is easy recognizable as a Speedy.

The bag also features an intricate braded leather and chain strap and has a hanging Monogram luggage tag.

Summing it up as small, but still practical, this bag might be my spring favourite.


What BB stands for is actually a mystery. We’ve heard many different conjectures. However, BB bags are of a certain size and have a detachable shoulder strap, so a possible acronym is “bebe bandouliere” which means “baby shoulder.”

Louis Vuittons Speedy  kommer i en BB version till våren. Helt i kalvskinn med foder i det klassiska monogram tyget verkar denna lilla godbit bli vårens favoritväska.



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