Spa or Not?

Spa or Not?

How do I look after my designer bag?

We often get the question on how and where to repair worn or damaged designer bags.

My immediate reply is to go back to where you bought it and ask if they can offer a Spa-treatment. Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta and several others of the  international luxury brands offer this service, however at a cost.

But if you have spent a fortune on a designer bag it can be worth a proper restorative treatment to get your bag back in shape. And, the bag will keep its resale value if repairs are done by the brand’s own specialist.

However, not all brands offer Spa- treatments, and maybe you don’t consider it necessary. What to do?  Ask around to find a skilled cobbler/shoemaker who has years of experience of treating leathers.

There are also companies, especially in the UK and US, that specialises in restoring designer bags We do advice you to do your homework and check that they are authorized by the brands themselves, if keeping the resale value is essential to you.

Our advice is NOT to get repairs done by Mr Minit or heel bars if you wish to keep the resale value.  However, if your purpose is just to repair the bag, and never to sell it, I am sure they will do the job.

Bästa sättet för en designer väska att behålla sitt värde  är att skicka väskan till varumärkets egen Spa när den behöver repareras eller fräschas upp. Men det kan vara kostsamt. Det finns alternativa företag som specialiserar sig på att ”renovera” designerväskor men kolla upp att de är godkända av varumärkena. Framförallt om det är viktigt för dig att väskan behåller sitt värde. Undvik Mr Minit och snabbklackbarer om andrahandsvärdet är viktigt för dig.


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