Serial code is date code 

Learn about Louis Vuitton’s code system.

Serial code or date code

This code indicates the bag i manufactured in France in February 1997

Louis Vuitton’s serial numbers are more like date codes.  There were no date codes before 1980s. The number, two letters and four digits are either stamped on an interior tag or on the interior lining of a bag or a purse. Different places for each model, which we will tell you more about in future blog posts.

As of 2007, the two letters indicate the factory where the bag is produced. The first and the third number shows the week of the year, and the second and fourth digit indicates the year the bag was produced.

However, the bag in the picture above is from before 2007 when the date codes were slightly different. In bags and accessories produced between 1900s up until 2006, the first and the third number show the month of the year the bag was produced, not the week as of 2007 and onwards. The two letters still indicates the factory and the second and last figure show the year.

Louis Vuittons ID nummer är datumkoder där de två bokstäverna indikerar fabriken väskan är producerad i. Första och tredje siffran visar veckan och andra och fjärde siffran visar året. Detta datum/id system gäller från 2007. Före 1980 användes inte datumkoder.

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