Gucci Details



Gucci Bag red green stripe

The Red and Green Woven Stripe



Gucci Bamboo handle yellow

Signature Bamboo Handle on a Gucci Tote Bag



Few materials are as symbolic to a fashion brand as are the red and green woven stripe and the bamboo handle to Italian Gucci.

When Guccio Gucci opened up his small leather shop in Florence 1921 he focused on equestrian styles products i.e.  horse saddles and accessories. His strict attention to Italian saddle girth details  inspired the idea for the branded red and green woven stripe. The red and green stripe represents the pride of the company from its roots and rumors have it that  it is referring to the colours of the Italian flag.

The woven stripe displays a single red stripe squeezed between two dark green ones.

In the 1930s, leather became challenging to find due to the wars in Europe. Trade to Italy was difficult so Gucci began to use  alternative materials. This led to Gucci using different fabrics, such as the canvas bags accented with the red and green stripes. And in 1947, the company released its first original bamboo handle bag, which was soon patented and transformed into a hot commodity and a signature detail of the fashion house’s many bags and accessories.

Väskor och accessoarer från italienska Gucci känns ofta igen på deras röd/gröna vävda ränder och handtag och detaljer i bambu.

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