Prada bags to be made from ocean trash.

Part of the Re-Nylon project.

Prada bags from ocean trash

Prada tote made from econyl material.

Re-Nylon is Prada’s new project where their future travel bags will be made from 100% recycled Ocean trash. Plastics and fishing nets collected from the ocean will  turn into elegant Prada bags.

The bags in the Re-Nylon line are made from Econyl, a material developed by a textile yarn producer called Aquafil. The company blends waste pulled from the ocean with textile waste, upcycling harmful pollutants into a useful fabric.

Prada has applied this new fabric to six of its unisex bags, including the belt bag, the shoulder bag, a tote bag, a duffle and two Prada backpacks.The aim is to replace all of Prada’s nylon bags with a recyclable alternative by the end of 2021 .

Re-Nylon forms part of the fashion industry’s broader effort to invest in sustainable alternatives.


Re-Nylon är Pradas senaste projekt där modehuset framtida väskor kommer att tillverkas i 100% återanvänt skräp upplockat från havet. Sex av Pradas unisex modeller kommer i detta material.  Målet är att 2021 ska alla Prada’s nylon väskor tillverkas i återanvändningsbart material.

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