Last month’s increase put focus on HOW expensive a Chanel bag can become.

Chanel bags becomes even more expensive

Will Chanel bags become as expensive as the Hermès bags? Image from

A Chanel bag does not come cheap. It is a major investment for most of us. Yet last month the Chanel bags became even more expensive when it saw new increases both in the US and in Europe.

US saw increases of 2-4 % for the majority of the fashion house’s Classic and Boy bags. Europe, and specifically the UK saw prices increase between 7-9%.

Looking back just 7-10 years the classic Chanel flap bags, the Boy bags and even the Jumbo bag a have seen double figure increases.

According to the Boy bag, when it was introduced in 2012, had a price tag of US$ 3200. With the latest increase you’ll have to pay US$ 5.000:-  for the same bag, an increase of 56,25%. In 7 years. Compare to the rate of inflation of the same period, approx. 12%.

The Jumbo Classic in Caviar was US$ 2.675 ten years ago, today it retails for around US$ 6.400, an increase of some 135+ %.

Can you put a price tag on desire? I don’t mind large price tags for quality but the Chanel bags I bought ten years ago are just as good, if not better, in quality than the ones produced today.

However frustrating, amid the speedy price increase a large majority of bagaholics continue to buy Chanel bags.

But what will happen when Chanel’s prices are heading into the region of the Hermès’ bags? They sure are approaching rapidly. Today a Chanel Jumbo flap retails for approx. the same as an Hermès Jypsière.

Will customers rather put their money on a Hermès bag than a Chanel?  And will Chanel face itself with a loss of retail customers as more will be looking to shop the resale market. Time will tell, but let’s hope for a slowdown of price increases.





Kommer Chanels kunder att överge Chanel när deras väskor blir lika dyra som Hermès väskor? De senaste 7 – 10 åren har den ökade efterfrågan på Chanelväskor inneburit prisökning på 50-över 100%.



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