Hotel Diplomat – Thérèse Second Home

Hotel Diplomat and Therese Hellström

Thérèse always travel with her vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall.

Last week influencer Thérèse Hellström spent some time in the capital and stayed at her second home, Hotel Diplomat.

I couldn’t agree more, Hotel Diplomat is also my favorite hotel, even though as they say ”A decent girl should never see the inside of a hotel room in her home town”. I assume that quote was invented long before “staycations”. However the restaurant and the ambiance is great for us locals.

As always, Thérèse was traveling  with her vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall from Still in Fashion. 




När Thérèse Hellström är i Stockholm bor hon gärna på Hotel Diplomat och reser med sin vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall.



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