Hooks for hanging bags

Hooks for hanging bags

Store your designer bags on hooks.

Hangers can serve well for storing your totes, shoulder bags, top handle bags, and even hobos. But the best is to use hooks, preferably that are shallow and wide so the handles won’t have to be on top of each other.

If you prefer to use hangers for hanging your larger designer bags, be sure to use proper hangers, with a thick neck. Avoid the thin metal ones from the dry cleaners. They will make marks as they don’t support the handles/shoulder strap.
A doorknob can also help out, however, you might not have that many extra doorknobs in your home just to use for storage of your designer bags.

And be aware, larger bags, and especially hobo bags, lose the shape when stored on hangers unless you stuff them up with cloth or bubble wrap. Old newspapers can stain the lining.

Häng gärna väskor med axelrem och handtag på galge, eller ännu hellre krokar, men använd galgar med tjockare ”hals”, inte stålgalgar. Och se upp med vissa tyngre väskor, de kan behöva stoppas upp med tyg eller gamla dustbags för att inte fullständigt tappa formen. Undvik att använda tidningspapper då det kan smutsa ner fodret.

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