Hermès bag colours

Spring/Summer 2020 Leather Colors by IG @The_Notorious_Pink

Neutral and earth tones dominate this spring, but Hermès has something for everyone.

Generally, Hermès works with several different color families per season among its different departments: leather goods, scarves, ready to wear and shoes, they each has their own seasonal colors.

For the leather bags we have learned that above picture shows spring and summer 2020’s seasonal colours. 

I do find some of them rather dark and dull for the brighter season. The brown tones for spring might not be my first choice. But, don’t despair, there will be plenty of “holdovers” from previous seasons, in addition to the colors that you can regularly find on their classic and sought after bags.


Vår/Sommar 2020 kommer Hermès väskor att finnas i flera nya färger.


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