Hermès Evelyne Bag. How to avoid buying a counterfeit.




Hermès Evelyne bag Perforated H

Hermès Evelyne’s perforated H shall always feature 63 holes

Hermès Evelyne authenticity flap

On the closing flap you will find both date and craftsman stamp

Hermès Evelyne bags

The metallic stamp shall always match the color of the hardware. Pictures courtesy of RealReal.

Evelyne Bertrand, Head of Hermès Riding Department created her namesake bag in 1978. The Evelyne bag was intended for groomers to carry all their tools, the perforated holes airing the wet equipment to be kept towards the body.

The popular bag comes in four sizes; 

TPM           Très Petit Modèle – very small model

PM             Petit Modèle – small model

GM            Grand Modèle – large model

TGM          Très Grand Modèl  big model

The Evelyne has been modified  over the years, and slight differences accompany each version. The original Evelyne I includes a fixed-length removable strap and one interior flap pocket. Hermès reissued the Evelyne II in 2000, included the strap and removed the interior pocket in favor of one exterior back pocket. The Evelyne III, still has the exterior pocket. The strap on the III, however, is adjustable.

As the Evelyne is becoming as sought after as other Hermès classics’ such as Kelly, Birkin and the Constance there are counterfeits appearing on the second-hand market. Here are a few tips to look out for if ever buying a vintage or a second-hand Hermès Evelyne bag

The bag’s signature H will always have 63 holes: 40 for the oval, 9 for each arm of the H and 5 across the H’s middle.  

The perforations should have raw, unfinished edges and should all be evenly spaced and sized and not misshapen. The outline surrounding the H will be an oval shape, which should not be too pointed or circular at its sides.

On the underside of an authentic Hermès Evelyne bag closure — a strap with a snap on one end and a pull-through tab on the other — you will see a series of debossed markings including a craftsman’s stamp and a date stamp. The date stamp is, until 2015, a letter indicating the year and ranges from A-Z and features either no shape, a circle, or a square.

A metallic debossed stamp reading HERMÈS / PARIS / MADE IN FRANCE can also be found on the leather accent of the web canvas strap and on the bag beneath the pull-through strap, and should match the color of the hardware.

Hermès Evelyne väskan lanserades 1978 och var avsedd för hästskötarna att samla sina borstar i. Det perforerade H skulle bäras närmast kroppen för att lufta de fuktiga verktygen. Evelyne väskan är eftertraktad på andra-hands marknaden så för att vara säker på att inte köpa en förfalskning kommer här några viktiga detaljer att hålla utkik efter.



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