Equestrian Need Behind the Design.




Hermès Picotin bag

Hermès Picotin Bag

Hermès Trim Bag

Hermès Trim Bag

Hermès Evelyne bag1

Hermès Evelyne Bag

Several of Hermès’ bags have a history of fulfilling a purpose when designed.

Here are 3 bags that had a useful purpose when originally designed. The bags can still be bought but the purpose is more elegant than the original intention to be used in the stable and to feed the horses.

The Picotin bag

The Picotin bag is inspired by the nosebag for a horse to be able to feed whilst walking. This bag was simple, functional with raw edges and no lining.

The Trim Shoulder Bag

The Trim bag goes way back and was used in the days of horse and carriage. The bag was  filled with hay and put round the neck of horses as a mobile manger.   It was actually in 1958 that Hermes re-visited this mini-picnic kit and made it into a ladies’ holdall. The fashion house also transformed the original hook into a belt buckle.

The Evelyne Crossbody bag

In 1978 Evelyne Bertrand as head of Hermes Riding Department decided to offer the grooms a leather carry all for their brushes and sponges and so on. The bag which now bears her name had air holes and was in an H-shape set in a horse-shoe oval.

Flera av Hermès berömda väskor har en historia med anknytning till hästvärlden.


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