Don’t overload your designer handbag

Hermès bag with stretched handels and marks

Stretched handles and visible marks from overloading your designer handbag.

We (many of us myself included) have a tendency that just because a handbag is a larger size we tend to stock it with all sorts of items. In other words, fill it up to the brim just because it is possible. Bear in mind that just because it fits in your bag doesn’t mean you must bring it.

The bag might not be made for carrying large amounts of heavy items and the load is not very beneficial for the bag. Especially not leather bags.

Stuffing your nice leather designer handbag with your work gadgets (read computer or ipad) makes the bag heavy and the handles will stretch. And in the long run the handles will lose their initial shape.

There are nice totes, shoppers, briefcases, messenger – and computer bags that are made for carrying you work and heavy gear.

Secondly, stuffing your leather designer bag with too many items will subsequently show on the outside. You will get marks that are difficult, if not to say impossible, to get rid off.

So think twice before filling your designer bag with water bottles, shoes and umbrellas.


Större designer handväskor ska helst inte fyllas till bredden bara för att de är stora. Handtagen blir ofta uttänjda och väskan får fula märken som syns på lädret och inte går att få bort. Tänk på det nästa gång vattenflaskan, skorna och datorn åker ner i väskan.

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