We sell Doggy bags

Louis Vuitton Doggy Bag

To die for! Minou jumped into a Louis Vuitton. Photo cred Niklas Berglind

Burberry Doggy Bag

Niklas carrying Minou in Burberry.

Kristin Kaspersen & Still in Fashion

Kristin and Hélène discussing bag alternatives. Photo cred Niklas Berglind

Kristin Kaspersen is happy Still in Fashion shopper

Happy Still in Fashion shopper, photo cred Niklas Berglind

Doggy bags got a new meaning when my stylish friends Niklas Berglind and Kristin Kaspersen came by the showroom on Friday afternoon. Cute Minou, the capital’s sweetest mini cavapoo, jumped in and out of the totes and both Kristin and Minou were happy  when they left our office.


Stockholms sötaste Mini Cavapoo, Minou,  hennes matte Kristin Kasperson och extra husse Niklas Berglind kam förbi vårt showroom och hittade perfekta doggy bags.


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