Chanel’s Signature Double CC lock didn’t debut until the 1908s.

The original Chanel 2.55 logo-free lock.

The original logo-free lock on the Chanel 2.55

The double CC lock was introduced in the 80s.

The signature Double CC lock was introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in the 80s.

The original Chanel 2.55 did not have the classic interlocking CC logo lock. As seen on the picture above it bore the logo-free Mademoiselle lock.  The Mademoiselle Lock given its name from the fact that Coco Chanel never married.

The bag, we bag-lovers, most commonly called the Classic Chanel, with its double CC lock, wasn’t born until the 80s when Karl Lagerfeld tock over the reins at the fashion house and made the Classic Chanel bag an instant hit.

The big differences between the two classic Chanel flap bags are not only the lock. Even the straps differ today. Chanel’s first bags had all-chain straps, but the story goes that Coco subbed in leather-filled straps when resources were scarce. Classic Flaps only use leather-woven chain straps, and modern 2.55s only use all-chain straps.

The modern 2.55 is nowadays called the “Reissue”.

Chanels klassiska dubbel CC lås kom först  på 80-talet när Karl Lagerfeld tog över designen hos Chanel. Ursprungslåset på Chanels 2.55 var logo-fritt och kallas för Mademoiselle -låset, vilket syftar på att Coco Chanel aldrig gifte sig. Chanels moderna version av ursprungs 2.55:an kallas idag för ”The Reissue”.


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