Chanel Bags 10% More Expensive In Europe



Chanel price increase

Price Raise For Chanel in Europe Last Week. Picture courtesy @purseblog



On Wednesday 10th August Chanel implemented yet another price increase. Overnight all Chanel shops in Europe increased their prices by 10%.

According to official statement, the price increase is due to an aim in reaching a global harmonization in pricing.

Due to currency and tax situations US clients can make “bargains”, earning around US$2000 on buying a Chanel bag in Europe and benefiting from the VAT refund and current currency situation;  the Euro and the US$ are almost equal today.

A Small Double Flap Chanel Bag in Sweden cost SEK 93.170:- and a Medium Double Flap sell for SEK 99.120:-…. Astronomic prices and personally I wonder if this is sustainable in the long run.

Being a Chanel addict for over 30 years I am now turning my eyes to other brands. If we talk same price range as where Chanel is heading, I must say that Hermès  bags (however difficult the bags are to get hold of) give you much more value for money.

However, buying pre-loved Chanel is definitely becoming more interesting and with the latest price increase we see an increase in flap bags being sold on the second-hand market.

As we love to say; Your closet is a goldmine.



Chanel höjde sina priser på den Europeiska marknaden med 10% i veckan som gick.

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